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Antimutagenicity; Cyclophosphamide; Egb 761; Ginkgo biloba; Micronucleus test; Mitomycin C

Ginkgo biloba (Egb 761) extract, the most prescribed phytomedicine in Europe for the treatment of cerebral insufficiency and vascular diseases, was tested for its possible protective effects against mitomycin C (MMC)- and cyclophosphamide (CP)-induced mutagenicity using the micronucleus test in mouse bone marrow. The extract was co-administered to mice at doses of 50, 100 and 200 mg/ ... more

J.B. Vilar; K.R. Leite; C. Chen
Cultivar identification; Ginkgo biloba; RAPD markers

Cultivar identification is a key step to avoid the formation of homonyms and synonyms of Ginkgo biloba. In this study, a new approach based on combinational utilization of polymorphic bands produced from 6 different random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) primers was developed for identifying 42 Ginkgo cultivars, and a manual cultivar identification diagram that ... more

G.P. Li; C.Q. Zhang; F.L. Cao
Gekko japonicus; Molecular cloning; Noggin2; Regeneration; Spinal cord

The cDNA encoding noggin2 protein was obtained from the brain and spinal cord cDNA library of Gekko japonicus. The size of the noggin2 transcript and its expression in different tissues were analyzed by Northern blot analysis. In situ hybridization revealed positive hybridization signals in both gray and white matter of the spinal cord. Changes in noggin2 ... more

Y. Liu; Y.L. Zhou; Y.Y. Qian; Y.J. Wang; F. Ding; X.S. Gu; M. Liu
Bubalus bubalis; GC-rich; Molecular cloning; rDNA; rRNA

The rDNA genes coding for ribosomal RNA in animals are complicated repeat sequences with high GC content. We amplified water buffalo rDNA gene sequences with the long and accurate (LA) PCR method, using LA Taq DNA polymerase and GC buffer, based on bioinformatic analysis of related organisms. The rDNA genes were found to consist of 9016 nucleotides, including three rRNA genes and two ... more

C.Y. Pang; T.X. Deng; D.S. Tang; C.Y. Yang; H. Jiang; B.Z. Yang; X.W. Liang
Crucian carp; Distant hybridization; Gene expression; jnk1 gene; Molecular cloning; Polyploidy

c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) is an important member of the mitogen-activated protein kinase superfamily. The allotetraploid crucian carp is a product of distant hybridization of female red crucian carp with male common carp. It is the first natural case of an allotetraploid with stable genetic characters, including fertility of both female and male animals. In this study, 2 jnk1 ... more

Y.M. Xiao; M.G. Jiang; Z.W. Luo; Y.H. Zhou; S. Wen; M. Wang; C. Zhang; S.J. Liu
CHSP; Functional analysis; Ginkgo biloba; Transgenic tobacco

The regulative sequence (2273 bp) of the chalcone synthase gene promoter of biloba was cloned by genomic walking. A 2273-bp promoter 5' upstream translation start site of GbCHS was cloned and designated as GbCHSP. pBI121+CHSP:GUS and pBI121-35S:GUS were constructed and transformed into tobacco by LBA4404. We found that GbCHSP could drive ... more

L.L. Li; H. Cheng; H.H. Yuan; F. Xu; S.Y. Cheng; F.L. Cao
Gene frequency; Human leukocyte antigen; Promoter; Pulmonary tuberculosis

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) plays a central role in the regulation of the immune response. HLA class II molecules are essential for T cell-mediated adaptive immunity and present peptide antigens to CD4+ T cells. Because of its important role in the immune response and its high degree of polymorphism, the HLA system is associated with many diseases. We examined the ... more

G.L. Shi; X.L. Hu; L. Yang; C.L. Rong; Y.L. Guo; C.X. Song
Organ-specific and light-inducible; Promoter; Rubisco activase; Solanum tuberosum

Constitutive promoters have been widely used in crop biotechnology applications. Tissue-specific or inducible promoters, however, have advantages in some cases. We isolated the 731-bp 5' flanking sequence of a potato (Solanum tuberosum) gene, encoding ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (rubisco) activase (RCA), which was isolated by genome walking. By using ... more

D. Qu; Y. Song; W.M. Li; X.W. Pei; Z.X. Wang; S.R. Jia; Y.Q. Zhang
Hepatocellular carcinoma; MIF-794CATT; Polymorphism; Promoter

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common worldwide malignancies. A relative complete diagnosis system for primary carcinoma of liver has already been established, but the surgical prognosis for HCC, which depends mainly on postoperative pathological classification and data of recurrence and metastasis, lacks valid experimental indicators. Macrophage migration inhibition ... more

T. Yuan; C. Tang; M. Chen; S. Deng; P. Chen
Association analysis; Growth performance; Promoter; STAM2 gene; Wuchuan Black cattle

The STAM protein plays an important role in the cytokine-related JAK/STAT pathway. We selected the STAM2 gene as a candidate gene that could be linked to growth performance in analysis of a Chinese cattle breed (Wuchuan Black cattle). We examined genetic variants in the promoter region of the STAM2 gene and their associations with eight growth traits in 159 individuals. ... more

Y.Q. Yang; Y.T. Hui; R.Y. Liu; R.G. Jiao; Y. Gong; Y.Y. Zhang; H.Q. Xie