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Association analysis; Genetic variation; Goat; Production traits; Sine oculis homeobox homolog 6 (Six6) gene

We looked for novel genetic variations within the Six6 gene by PCR-SSCP, DNA sequencing and forced RFLP-PCR and estimated their associations with production traits in 2132 goats of eight indigenous Chinese breeds. A novel single nucleotide polymorphism (NM_001104993.1: g.232T>C) within the goat Six6 gene was identified. The frequencies of allele “C” varied from 0.8621 ... more

C.Y. Pan; X.Y. Lan; H.Y. Zhao; S.R. Hu; Y.T. Huai; C.Z. Lei; H. Chen
Body measurement traits; Goat; LF gene; Milk composition; PCR-SSCP; SNP

Milk composition and body measurement traits, influenced by genes and environmental factors, play important roles in value assessments of efficiency and productivity in dairy goats. Lactoferrin (LF), involved in the efficient expression of protein in milk, is also an anabolic factor in skeletal tissue and a potent osteoblast survival factor. Therefore, it is an important candidate gene ... more

B.L. Guo; Y. Jiao; C. He; L.X. Wei; Z.H. Chang; X.P. Yue; X.Y. Lan; H. Chen; C.Z. Lei
Combined genotype; Goat; PCR-RFLP; SNP

Kisspeptins, the product of the KISS1 gene, play an essential role in the regulation of reproductive functions, acting primarily at the hypothalamic level of the gonadotropic axis. We detected polymorphisms of the goat KISS1 gene in 723 individuals from three goat breeds (Xinong Saanen, Guanzhong, and Boer) by DNA pooling, PCR-RFLP, and DNA sequencing methods. We cloned ... more

X.P. An; P. Han; J.X. Hou; H.B. Zhao; Y. Yan; T. Ma; F. Fang; F.X. Meng; Y.X. Song; J.G. Wang; B.Y. Cao
Goat; Growth traits; Myostatin gene (MSTN); PCR-SSCP; Polymorphism

Mutations in the myostatin (MSTN) gene can inactivate its expression and result in a non-functional protein, which leads to dramatic muscularity and a “double-muscling” phenomenon in many species. Using gene sequencing and polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformation polymorphism methods, polymorphisms of the MSTN gene were investigated as a candidate marker for ... more

Z.J. Zhang; Y.H. Ling; L.J. Wang; Y.F. Hang; X.F. Guo; Y.H. Zhang; J.P. Ding; X.R. Zhang
DNA extraction; Goat; PCR; semen

Successful DNA extraction is indispensable for molecular methods based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR); however, goat sperm DNA extraction is limited. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate three methods to extract DNA from goat sperm for use in PCR. Eight goat semen pools were used for DNA extraction by using the DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit, phenol-chloroform, and Chelex-100 ... more

E.C.B. Silva; M.A. Pelinca; A.C. Acosta; D.M.F. Silva; M.A.Gomes Filho; M.M.P. Guerra
Genetic structure; Goat; Microsatellite marker; Phylogeny

The present study aimed to analyze genetic relatedness and differentiation of common native goat populations in some countries of the Middle East. The populations were Ardi, Black Bedouin, and Damascus goats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria, respectively. Domesticated goats of the Middle East are mostly related to common ancestors, but there is limited molecular genetic ... more

R.M. Al-Atiyat; R.S. Aljumaah
Goat; Human G-CSF; Pronuclear embryos; Transgenesis

This pilot project was designed to determine if normal kids could be produced after microinjection in pronuclear embryos and subsequent transfer to recipients in a transgenic goat program in Brazil. Twelve donors of the Saanen breed and 17 recipients of an undefined breed were used. The estrus of both donors and recipients was synchronized by a standard progestagen treatment and ... more

V.J.F. Freitas; I.A. Serova; L.E. Andreeva; E.S.Lopes Júnior; D.I.A. Teixeira; M.F. Cordeiro; D. Rondina; N.R.O. Paula; I.J. Arruda; J.B.Lima Verde; G. Dvoriantchikov; O. Serov
Goat; Lectin; Seminal plasma; Spermadhesin

Mammalian seminal plasma contains among others, proteins called spermadhesins, which are the major proteins of boar and stallion seminal plasma. These proteins appear to be involved in capacitation and sperm-egg interaction. Previously, we reported the presence of a protein related to spermadhesins in goat seminal plasma. In the present study, we have further characterized this protein, and we ... more

D.Ítalo Alv Teixeira; L.Magalhães Melo; C.Alberto de Gadelha; R.Maranguape da Cunha; C. Bloch; G. Rádis-Baptista; B.Sousa Cavada; V.José de F. Freitas
Caseous lymphadenitis; Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis; Goat; Sheep; Vaccine
F.A. Dorella
Cattle; Cross-reactivity; Cytokines; Goat; Human; Sheep

Eleven commercially available PE-labeled anti-human (IL-1-α, IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α, IL-17A, IL-5, IL-10, IL-12 and IL-13) and anti-mouse (IL-10, TNF-α) cytokine monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) were tested for cross-reactivity with cattle, goat, and sheep cytokines. Cross-reactivity was assessed by comparative analysis with the standard reactivity of the target species. Our data demonstrated ... more

E.M.S. Dorneles; M.S.S. Araújo; A. Teixeira-Carvalho; O.A. Martins-Filho; A.P. Lage