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Behavior; Biogeography; Chelonoidis; Cytochrome b; Hemoglobin; morphology

The discriminative potentials of biogeography, vocalization, morphology, cytogenetics, hemoglobin, and molecular profiling of cytochrome b as taxonomic techniques for differentiating Brazilian tortoises were evaluated in this study. In Brazil, two species of tortoises are described, Chelonoidis carbonarius and Chelonoidis denticulatus. However, in the present ... more

T.L. Silva; L.P.R. Venancio; C.R. Bonini-Domingos
Apomixis origin; Centers of diversity; Electrophoresis; Evolution; Interspecific hybridization; Polyploidy; Unreduced gametes

About 98 species of Manihot are known. All of them are native to the New World and are concentrated in four regions in Brazil and Central America. All the Manihot species so far examined have 2n = 36 chromosomes. Interspecific hybrids between cassava and its wild relatives show relatively normal meiosis, and further generations can be obtained. Electrophoresis shows ... more

N.M.A. Nassar
Electrophoresis; Hemoglobin variants; HPLC; Laboratory diagnosis
Lde Souza Ondei
Central Amazon; Discus fish; Electrophoresis; Isoenzymes

The discus is a very popular and expensive aquarium fish belonging to the family Cichlidae, genus Symphysodon, formed by three Amazon basin endemic species: Symphysodon aequifasciatus, S. discus and S. tarzoo. The taxonomic status of these fish is very controversial, with a paucity of molecular research on their population genetic structure and species ... more

C.A. Silva; R.C.A. Lima; A.S. Teixeira
Amazon; Electrophoresis; pirarucu

Starch gel electrophoresis was used for examining the transferrin gene locus (Tf) and two esterase gene loci (Est-1 and Est-D1) of a pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) population sample collected from Santa Cruz Lake, Tefé River, Amazonas, Brazil. The Tf locus was tentatively classified as being polymorphic, showing two double-banded patterns (Tf 12 and Tf 22) of the ... more

A.S. Teixeira
Chelonoidis carbonaria; Cytogenetic; Lymphocyte culture; Testudinidae

We developed and optimized a simple, efficient and inexpensive method for in vitro culture of peripheral blood lymphocytes from the Brazilian tortoise Chelonoidis carbonaria (Testudinidae), testing various parameters, including culture medium, mitogen concentration, mitotic index, culture volume, incubation time, and mitotic arrest. Peripheral blood samples were obtained ... more

T.L. Silva; M.I.A. Silva; L.P.R. Venancio; C.E.S. Zago; V.A.G. Moscheta; A.V.B. Lima; L.D. Vizotto; J.R. Santos; C.R. Bonini-Domingos; M.T.V. Azeredo-Oliveira