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Grain Production Physiology; Phaseolus vulgaris; Plant breeding; Quantitative genetics

A possible strategy to increase grain yield in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) is to obtain lines with earlier flowering and a longer grain filling period, associated with a higher dry matter accumulation rate. We examined the genetic control of these traits to investigate whether it is possible to select lines with earlier flowering, a longer period of ... more

S.R. Guilherme; A.F.B. Abreu; R.R. da Silva; M.A.P. Ramalho
Hybrids; Plant breeding; SSR; Umbu tree

The umbu tree (Spondias tuberosa) is endemic to the Brazilian semiarid region. This species is not cultivated and commercialized fruits are a result of extrativism; consequently little has been done to develop new and more productive cultivars. Hybrids of different accessions are a result of natural open pollination, so identifying putative male parents ... more

V.N. Santos; A.E.S. Costa; C.A.F. Santos
Plant breeding; SSR; Umbu tree

The umbu tree (Spondias tuberosa) is one of the best known plants of the Brazilian semi-arid region; it has great potential for the fruit market due to excellent consumer acceptance. This tree is not presently cultivated; fruit commercialization is based on extrativism. Consequently, there has been little research on the genetics of this species. Our ... more

V.N. Santos; R.N.C.S. Gama; C.A.F. Santos
Diallel; Heterosis; Nicotiana tabacum; Plant breeding

The species Nicotiana tabacum, known as tobacco, is one of the crops with the highest economic value in the world among non-food species. Since 2000, Brazil has become the world’s second largest tobacco producer. Brazilian production is mainly concentrated in the South region. The main tobacco types are produced in Brazil, such as Dark, which, despite ... more

A. Pscheidt; R.C. Lemos; J.C. Souza; V.B. Oliveira; A.M. Souza; J.M.V. Pádua
marker-assisted selection; Plant breeding; Puccinia kuehnii; Saccharum sp

Orange rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia kuehnii, results in high productivity losses in sugarcane. Selection of resistant genotypes is one of the aims of sugarcane breeding programs. Phenotypic and molecular characterization of the parents of such crosses is essential to obtain superior varieties. We evaluated the reaction to orange rust in the field, ... more

J. Borella; B.P. Brasileiro; A.A.C. de Azeredo; L. Ruaro; R.A. de Oliveira; J.C.Bespalhok Filho