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Allium cepa; Hydrocotyle ranunculoides; Mutagenicity; Pelotas Creek

Water resource degradation is one of mankind’s greatest worries, as it causes direct and indirect damage to the associated biota. We initiated a water monitoring study in Pelotas Creek in 2003 in order to assess the mutagenic effect of the creek’s waters. Allium cepa cells exposed to water samples and a chronically exposed macrophyte were analyzed, through evaluation of the ... more

T.C.O. Santos; L.F. Maciel; K.S. Leal; A.E.N. Bender; T.S. Paiva; G.L. Garcias; M.G. Martino-Roth
Allium cepa; Chromosomal aberrations; Comet assay; Nuclear abnormalities; Oreochromis niloticus; Water pollution
L.R. Maschio
Allium cepa; Anomalies; Channel; Meristems; Mutagenicity

The São Gonçalo Channel is of great importance to the conservation of local biodiversity; it also is a water supply source of the city of Pelotas, Brazil, and the surrounding region. We examined the mutagenic activity of its waters. The following items were seasonally investigated in Allium cepa root radicular meristem cells: mitotic index, mitotic anomalies, interphase anomalies, and ... more

T.S. Paiva; G.L. Garcias; M.G. Martino-Roth
Allium cepa; Anthracnose; Molecular markers

Onion anthracnose, caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, is one of the main diseases of onions in the State of Pernambuco. We examined the pathogenicity of 15 C. gloeosporioides strains and analyzed their genetic variability using RAPDs and internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of the rDNA region. Ten of the strains were obtained from substrates and hosts other than ... more

M.X.Vila Nova; L.R. Borges; A.C.B. de Sousa; B.T.R.V. Brasileiro; E.A.L.A. Lima; A.F. da Costa; N.T. de Oliveira
Allium cepa; Antidepressant; Ascorbic acid; Chromosomal alteration; Retinol; Wistar rats

Fluoxetine, commonly known as Prozac, is the first representative of the so-called new generation of antidepressants that promise efficacy, with few side effects, against deep depression, nervous bulimia, and anxiety. As there is a growing number of people suffering from anxiety and depression; consequently, the use of fluoxetine is also increasing. Verifying absence of drug effects such ... more

E. Düsman; I.V. Almeida; R.G. Mariucci; M.S. Mantovani; V.E.P. Vicentini
Association; Hippophae rhamnoides; ISSR marker; Oil content; Stepwise multiple regression analysis

Bioactive oils extracted from sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) berries contain highly nutritional and medicinal compounds; however, the oil contents of sea buckthorn berries are very low. Thirteen inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) primers were used to identify markers associated with oil content of dry pulp in 51 cultivars and lines, which clustered into three major groups ... more

J. Ding; C.J. Ruan; Y. Guan; J.Y. Shan; H. Li; Y.H. Bao; J. Ding; C.J. Ruan; Y. Guan; J.Y. Shan; H. Li; Y.H. Bao