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Agronomic ideotype; Heritability; Industrial; Potato breeding; Prediction of genotypic values; Selection pressure; Solanum tuberosum

Information on genetic parameters is essential to obtain rapid progress in the development of cultivars, which is of great interest to the potato processing industry in Brazil, as the consumption of processed potatoes has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Unfortunately the lack of raw material of quality limits its growth. Thus, the objective of this ... more

T.A. da Silva; I.R. Carvalho; D.D. Wolter; F.F. Cima; E.S. de Abreu; E.A. Lenz; F. Lautenchleger; F.Q. Azevedo; A.S. Pereira
Bayesian LASSO; Genome-wide selection; Heritability

Knowledge of lactation curves in dairy cattle is essential for understanding the animal production in milk production systems. Genomic prediction of lactation curves represents the genetic pattern of milk production of the animals in the herd. In this context, we made genomic predictions of lactation curves through genome-wide selection (GWS) to characterize the ... more

F.R.F. Teixeira; M. Nascimento; P.R. Cecon; C.D. Cruz; F.Fe Silva; A.C.C. Nascimento; C.F. Azevedo; D.B.D. Marques; M.V.G.B. da Silva; A.P.S. Carneiro; D.M. Paixão
Adaptability; Cattle; Heritability; Reproductive traits

The Colombian Creole bovine breeds Blanco Orejinegro (BON) and Sanmartinero (SM) are the most important of the Creole breeds in Colombia because they are the most numerous, the most widely used in their pure form or in crosses with foreign breeds, and because they are dual-purpose producers of milk and meat. We estimated heritability for adaptability (coefficient ... more

C. De León; R. Martínez; J.F. Rocha