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Arg72Pro; Endometriosis; eNOS; Glu298Asp; p53; Polymorphism

Endometriosis is characterized by ectopic endometrial tissue and affects millions of women worldwide. The disease leads to various symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain and infertility and does not yet have a well-defined etiology. The pathology is similar to cancer, since endometrial cells are highly proliferative, invade tissues and may be associated with tumor suppressor ... more

T.R. Santos; K.S.Fe Silva; R.C.P.C. Silva; K.K.V.O. Moura; L.A. Guillo; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; I.R. Costa
CYP1A gene; Endometriosis; Infertility; MspI polymorphism

Endometriosis is a disease that affects 10 to 15% of the women of reproductive age. It is characterized by the presence of endometrial-like tissues outside of the uterus. Some definitions claim that the functional ectopic tissue is sensitive to the action of hormones. Severity of endometriosis is defined according to a system proposed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, ... more

A.M. Barbosa; S.R. de Souza; A.B. Frare; R.C.Costa e Silva; I.R. da Costa; K.S.Freitas e Silva; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; B.M. Bordin; K.K.V.O. Moura; A.M. Barbosa; S.R. de Souza; A.B. Frare; R.C.Costa e Silva; I.R. da Costa; K.S.Freitas e Silva; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; B.M. Bordin; K.K.V.O. Moura
CYP2C19*3; Endometriosis; Polymorphism; Steroid

Endometriosis is a pathology that affects women in Brazil and around the world. It is characterized by the presence of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity, leading to chronic pain, infertility and hormonal cycle deregulations. Ectopic endometrial foci may be responsible for changes in anatomy, in hormonal metabolism, immune and inflammatory systems and the ... more

I.A. Bento; K.S.Fe Silva; K.K.V.O. Moura; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; I.R. da Costa
Genotype; Goat; Milk protein; Polymorphism; SDS-PAGE

This study evaluates the relationship between the genotype and milk protein components in goats. Milk samples were collected from cloned goats and normal white goats during different postpartum (or abortion) phases. Two cloned goats, originated from the same somatic line of goat mammary gland epithelial cells, and three sexually reproduced normal white goats with no genetic relationships ... more

H. Xing; B. Shao; Y.Y. Gu; Y.G. Yuan; T. Zhang; J. Zang; Y. Cheng
Chronic heart failure; Genotype; Glu298Asp; NOS3 gene; Polymorphism

The eNOS Glu298Asp (rs1799983) polymorphism of the NOS3 gene has been implicated as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases; however, not all studies find significant associations. We examined this possibility in a Russian (Siberian) population. One hundred patients with chronic heart failure and 40 controls were investigated. PCR analysis was performed ... more

E.S. Goppe; P.E. Maltese; A. Chernova; S.Y. Nikulina; A. Semenchukov; A. Matveeva; E. Manara; M. Bertelli
Codon 72 polymorphism; Endometriosis; p53 gene

We examined the frequency of p53 codon 72 polymorphism in 38 patients with endometriosis whose diagnosis was confirmed using videolaparoscopy. Half of the women were infertile. There were no significant differences in the genotype (P = 0.0927) or allele frequencies (P = 0.1430) for p53 Arg72Pro polymorphism between the two groups. We found a significant association between the heterozygous and ... more

C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; J.T. Arruda; C.T.X. Silva; K.K.V.O. Moura
Endometriosis; PCR; Progesterone receptor; PROGINS

We investigated a possible link between endometriosis and polymorphism of the progesterone receptor gene (PROGINS). The endometriosis group consisted of 54 patients with a diagnosis of endometriosis by laparoscopy, and the control group comprised 44 women without endometriosis. Genotypes for PROGINS polymorphisms (A1/A1, A1/A2 and A2/A2) were determined by polymerase chain reaction and ... more

I.R. Costa; R.C.P.C. Silva; A.B. Frare; C.T.X. Silva; B.M. Bordin; S.R. Souza; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; K.K.V.O. Moura
Endometriosis; Estrogen receptor; Polymorphism and Infertility

We examined the frequency of RsaI polymorphism of the ERβgene in 54 patients diagnosed with endometriosis and 46 controls. Peripheral blood was collected from women undergoing laparoscopy with a confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis. Polymor­phisms of the ERβgene and p53 were assessed by PCR and analyzed on 2% agarose gel stained with ... more

R.C.P.C. Silva; I.R. Costa; B.M. Bordin; C.T.X. Silva; S.R. Souza; C.L.R. Júnior; A.B. Frare; K.K.V.O. Moura
DNA repair; Endometriosis; Polymorphism; XRCC3 Thr/Thr

Several polymorphisms in the DNA repair gene are thought to have significant effects on cancer risk. We investigated the association of polymorphisms in the DNA repair genes XRCC1 Arg399Gln, XRCC3 Thr241Met, XPD Lys751Gln, XPG Asp1104His, APE1 Asp148Glu, and HOGG1 Ser326Cys with endometriosis risk. Genotypes were determined by PCR-RFLP assays in 52 patients with endometriosis and 101 age- ... more

R. Attar; C. Cacina; S. Sozen; E. Attar; B. Agachan
Endometriosis; GSTM1; GSTT1; Infertility

Endometriosis is a gynecologic pathology with a high prevalence and unknown etiology. Therefore, an increasing number of studies has been undertaken to search for associations between endometriosis and alterations or polymorphisms in candidate genes, including glutathione S-transferase mu 1 (GSTM1) and glutathione S-transferase theta 1 (GSTT1). We analyzed the frequency of ... more

A.B. Frare; A.M. Barbosa; I.R. Costa; S.R. Souza; R.C.P.C. Silva; B.M. Bordin; C.L.Ribeiro Júnior; K.K.V.O. Moura