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biometric models; trait associations; Zea mays

Corn is considered one of the most important crops in the world agricultural scenario. In order to improve production, it is crucial to understand and quantify the genetic variation involved in the phenotypic manifestation of this species. We evaluated the agronomic performance of open pollinated genotypes, used by small scale family farmers, compared to commercial ... more

C. Troyjack; J.R. Pimentel; I.R. Carvalho; V.J. Szareski; G.T. Junior; Í.T.P. Dubal; G.H. Demari; F. Lautenchleger; A.B.N. Martins; F.A. Villela; T.Z. Aumonde; T. Pedó
Adaptation; Interaction G x E; Zea mays

We evaluated how genetic x environment (G x E) interactions affect grain productivity in corn hybrids grown in traditional and non-traditional environments in the off or “second” season. Adaptability and stability of the hybrids was examined by parametric, nonparametric and multivariate methods. In 2016, 24 hybrids were evaluated in seven environments, in 2017, 13 ... more

A.P. Mijone; A.P.O. Nogueira; O.T. Hamawaki; M.L. Maes; J.S.Pinsetta Junior
Optimization of operations; Production hybrid seed; Zea mays

We evaluated the efficiency of three mechanical detasseling methods on the production of hybrid maize seeds. The experiment was run in the crop season of 2016/2017 in Indianópolis, MG, Brazil. The design used was random blocks, where the treatments corresponded to three detasseling methods: Puller (PUL) - based on only one mechanical detasseling operation, Cutter ... more

L.B.O. Costa; I.R. Carvalho; L.L. Ferreira; V.J. Szareski; J.R. Pimentel; C. Troyjack; M.H. Barbosa; J.A.G. Da Silva; G.G. Conte; F.A. Villela; T. Pedó; T.Z. Aumonde
Breeding; Computational Intelligence; multivariate approach

Selection of appropriate genitors in breeding programs increases gains due to the variability found in the divergent groups; this allows quantification of the existing variability, saving time and resources. There are many methods for quantification and evaluation of diversity in population studies, among which we highlight methods that are based on multivariate ... more

V.P. Carvalho; I.C. Sant’Anna; M. Nascimento; A.C.C. Nascimento; C.D. Cruz; W.A. Arbex; F.C. Oliveira; F.F. Silva