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Antioxidative enzymes; Detoxifying enzymatic systems; Metabolism; Osmotic adjustment; Tolerant plants; Water deficit

The superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme initiates the process of neutralization of cytotoxic effects caused by reactive oxygen- species (ROS). In drought-tolerant plants, SOD is rapidly supplied due to their ability to adjust when they sense a lack of water, unlike in drought-sensitive plants.  To investigate whether exogenous application of SOD could benefit drought ... more

D.D. Barbosa; A.D.A.L. Marcelino; P.D. Fernandes; F.A. Silva; R.L.S. Ferraz; R.C. Santos
Conilon coffee; Fertilization; Mineral nutrition

The expansion of agriculture to new areas in order to increase the competitiveness of coffee producing countries has resulted in cultivation expanding into regions with lower natural fertility. This scenario has created the need to differentiate genotypes of Conilon coffee based on their tolerance to low levels of nutrients in the soil, especially phosphorus, which imposes high ... more

L.D. Martins; W.N. Rodrigues; L.S. Machado; S.V.B. Brinate; T.V. Colodetti; J.F.T. Amaral; M.A. Tomaz
Biometrics; Coffea arabica; Genetic variability; Mineral nutrition; Plant breeding; Selection process

Genetic parameters and associations between morpho-agronomic traits and nutritional efficiencies of arabica coffee cultivars were estimated to identify promising traits to assist in the selection of coffee genotypes efficient in potassium use, under limiting conditions of this nutrient. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse with 20 arabica coffee cultivars grown in nutrient ... more

W.M. Moura; Y.J.B. Soares; A.T.Amaral Júnior; G.A. Gravina; L.D. Barili; H.D. Vieira; W.M. Moura; Y.J.B. Soares; A.T.Amaral Júnior; G.A. Gravina; L.D. Barili; H.D. Vieira
Diversity; Dominant; Endophytic fungi; Flooding; Myricaria laxiflora

Myricaria laxiflora is distributed along the riverbanks of the Yangtze River valley. The Three Gorges Dam has dramatically changed the habitat of M. laxiflora, which has evolved to develop increased resistance to flooding stress. In order to elucidate the relationship between plant endophytic fungi and flooding stress, we isolated and taxonomically characterized the endophytic ... more

W. Tian; Y.H. Bi; W. Zeng; W. Jiang; Y.H. Xue; G.X. Wang; S.P. Liu
Diversity; Genetic resource conservation; Inbreeding; Microsatellite; Small Tail Han sheep

The aim of this research was to identify the dynamic diversity of Small Tail Han sheep in its main producing areas between different years, and provide a basis for a breeding and genetic resources conservation strategy. For this purpose, 15 microsatellites were genotyped for Small Tail Han Sheep sampled in 2014 from Heze, China, and a comparative analysis of these data with those from a ... more

G.X. E; Y.F. Huang; Y.J. Zhao; J.N. He; N. Liu; T. Zhong; Y.H. Ma; X.Y. Qiu; L.P. Chen
Correlation analysis; Desmoglein 4; Diversity; Evolution; Goat

Desmoglein 4 (DSG4) has an important role in the development of wool traits in domestic animals. The full-length DSG4 gene, which contains 3918 bp, a complete open-reading-frame, and encodes a 1040-amino acid protein, was amplified from Liaoning cashmere goat. The sequence was compared with that of DSG4 from other animals and the results show that the DSG4 ... more

G.X. E; Y.J. Zhao; Y.H. Ma; G.L. Cao; J.N. He; R.S. Na; Z.Q. Zhao; C.D. Jiang; J.H. Zhang; S. Arlvd; L.P. Chen; X.Y. Qiu; W. Hu; Y.F. Huang; G.X. E; Y.J. Zhao; Y.H. Ma; G.L. Cao; J.N. He; R.S. Na; Z.Q. Zhao; C.D. Jiang; J.H. Zhang; S. Arlvd; L.P. Chen; X.Y. Qiu; W. Hu; Y.F. Huang
Culture-independent approach; Diversity; Pyrosequencing; Rhizosphere; Sapindus saponaria L

Sapindus saponaria L. of Sapindaceae family is popularly known as soldier soap and is found in Central and South America. A study of such medicinal plants might reveal a more complex diversity of microorganisms as compared to non-medicinal plants, considering their metabolic potential and the chemical communication between ... more

A. Garcia; J.C. Polonio; A.D. Polli; C.M. Santos; S.A. Rhoden; M.C. Quecine; J.L. Azevedo; J.A. Pamphile
Diversity; Glycine max; Parent selection; SSR; Yield potential

Plant breeders need to understand the genetic diversity and relationships between genotypes to choose parents of segregating populations. We evaluated the genetic diversity of 35 soybean genotypes and determined their potential as parent lines in breeding programs by analyzing their agronomic traits and microsatellite markers. Phenotypic analysis was carried out in ... more

L.B. Sousa; O.T. Hamawaki; A.P.O. Nogueira; D.B.O. Cardoso; A.C. Dias; V. Oliveira; R.O. Batista; A.M. Bonetti; R.L. Hamawaki
Diversity; Genetic structure; Mexico; Micropterus spp.; Microsatellites

The largemouth bass (belonging to the genus Micropterus) is one of the most important freshwater fish for sport fishing; the native range of Micropterus salmoides extends into the northeastern Mexican drainages, providing important economic benefits for communities with thriving bass populations. However, the genetic diversity of this species is ... more

A. Vera; G.M.Parra Bracamonte; A.M.Sifuentes Rincón; A. Morales