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Cultivar identification; Molecular markers; Ornamental peach; RAPD

One of the most important uses of DNA markers is cultivar identification. However, no DNA fingerprint analysis strategy is available for making DNA markers helpful in practical plant cultivar identification, especially for the identification of a large number of cultivars. We developed a manual cultivar identification diagram strategy for efficient identification of plant cultivars, from ... more

J. Han; W.Y. Wang; X.P. Leng; L. Guo; M.L. Yu; W.B. Jiang; R.J. Ma
Endangered species; Genetic variability; ISSR; Molecular markers; RAPD

The goal of this study was to characterize the structure of two natural populations of the coral tree using RAPD and ISSR markers. The study evaluated all individuals in two different areas in the northeastern region of Brazil: the first was in the riparian area, 10 km x 100 m along the edge of the lower São Francisco River, and the second was in the municipality of Pinhão, in a semiarid ... more

M.F.V. Melo; L.O. Gonçalves; A.R.C. Rabbani; S.V. Álvares-Carvalho; J.B. Pinheiro; M.I. Zucchi; R. Silva-Mann
Flooding; Genetic diversity; tolerance; Uplands

Saplings of Aegiphila sellowiana were submitted to flooding and analysis of genetic diversity in order to investigate flooding tolerance as well as its genetic determination. This response is important because it means that some lines could be planted in degraded riparian areas. Leaves were sampled from each plant, and they were submitted to different flooding periods. Mortality ... more

C. Medri; E.A. Ruas; M.E. Medri; C.F. Ruas; S. Sayhun; P.S. Medri; D.C.G. Silva; E. Bianchini; P.M. Ruas
Endogenous genes; Flooding; Gene expression; Housekeeping genes; Internal control genes

Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) is a powerful tool used to measure gene expression. However, because of its high sensitivity, the method is strongly influenced by the quality and concentration of the template cDNA and by the amplification efficiency. Relative quantification is an effective strategy for correcting random and systematic errors by using the ... more

T.J. Nakayama; F.A. Rodrigues; N. Neumaier; F.C. Marcelino-Guimarães; J.R.B. Farias; M.C.N. de Oliveira; A. Borém; A.C.B. de Oliveira; B.M. Emygdio; A.L. Nepomuceno