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Heat stress; HSP70; Myocardial cells; Rats

To investigate the mechanism of sudden death as a result of stress-induced damage to heart tissue and myocardial cells and to investigate the cardioprotective role of Hsp70 during heat stress, the distribution and expression of Hsp70 was evaluated in the heart cells of heat-stressed rats in vivo and heat-stressed H9c2 cells in vitro. After exposure to heat stress at 42°C ... more

H.B. Chen; X.C. Zhang; Y.F. Cheng; A. Abdelnasir; S. Tang; N. Kemper; J. Hartung; E.D. Bao
Gene structure; Hemoglobins; Immune response; qRT-PCR; Tegillarca granosa

Hemoglobin (Hb) is the major protein component of erythrocytes in animals with red blood, although it can serve additional functions beyond the transport of oxygen. The blood clam (Tegillarca granosa) is one of the few mollusks that has Hb, although the structure and function of molluskan Hbs remain unclear. We characterized two unique and highly compartmentalized blood clam ... more

Y.B. Bao; Q. Wang; X.M. Guo; Z.H. Lin
Cisplatin; Immune response; Lactobacillus; Lung cancer

The intestinal microflora affects inflammation and immunity, not only locally at the mucosal level but also systemically, raising the question of whether the microflora affects inflammatory processes that contribute to cancer and its therapy. Prebiotics have also been found to play an antitumor role that is not limited to the gut. We investigated the antitumor roles of the intestinal ... more

Q.F. Gui; H.F. Lu; C.X. Zhang; Z.R. Xu; Y.H. Yang
Ammonia concentration; broiler; Immune response; Relative humidity

To investigate the effect of ammonia (NH3) and humidity on the immune response of broilers, broilers were exposed to 30 or 70 mg/kg atmospheric NH3 for 21 days. Additionally, birds were exposed to 35, 60, and 85% relative humidity (RH). The relative weights of lymphoid organs, serum total protein, serum globulin, serum albumin, serum lysozyme, proliferation index of ... more

F.X. Wei; X.F. Hu; B. Xu; M.H. Zhang; S.Y. Li; Q.Y. Sun; P. Lin
Immune response; Pearl oyster; Pinctada martensii; Purple acid phosphatase

Purple acid phosphatases (PAPs), also known as type 5 acid phosphatases, are widely present in animals, plants, and fungi. In mammal, PAP was reported to participate in immune defense and bone resorption. In this study, the characteristics and potential functions of a PAP gene from pearl oyster Pinctada martensii (pm-PAP) were examined. The Pm-PAP cDNA was found to be 2777 base ... more

Q.H. Wang; Y. Jiao; X.D. Du; X.X. Zhao; R.L. Huang; Y.W. Deng; F. Yan
Bodhesin; Capra hircus; cDNA; Prokaryotic expression; Recombinant protein; Spermadhesin

Low purification efficiency and incomplete characteriza­tion of male goat (buck) spermadhesins (Bdhs) prompted us to develop an effective system to produce recombinant Bdhs (rBdhs). Bdh-2 cDNA was inserted into a prokaryotic expression plasmid, pTrcHis TOPO. The pTrcHis-Bdh-2 system was constructed to produce a His6 fusion protein in Escherichia coli Top10 cells. Recombinant ... more

J.B. Cajazeiras; L.M. Melo; E.S. Albuquerque; G. Rádis-Baptista; B.S. Cavada; V.J.F. Freitas
Enzymatic activity; Glyoxylate cycle; Isocitrate lyase; Paracoccidoides brasiliensis; Phylogenetic relationships; Recombinant protein
A.H.S. Cruz
Coturnix japonica; HSP70; Sequencing

Heat stress is one of the main problems in modern aviculture, since it affects birds especially in the final phase of rearing, causing bird mortality and economic losses to the aviculturist. The quail, as most birds, has difficulties in dissipating heat. However, little is known about the mechanism that controls the responses of the organism to stressor agents. Therefore, the study of heat ... more

H.C.T. Gaviol; E. Gasparino; A.J. Prioli; M.A.M. Soares
DNA methylation; Heat inducible; HSP70

DNA methylation plays a central role in gene expression. In this study, we detected the promoter methylation pattern of the chicken heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) gene and its association with messenger RNA (mRNA) expression before and after heat shock. The results showed that mRNA expression increased in response to heat stress and peaked at 3 h before dropping. Hypomethylation ... more

J.K. Gan; D.X. Zhang; D.L. He; X.Q. Zhang; Z.Y. Chen; Q.B. Luo
Chicken; Haplotype; HSP70; Single nucleotide polymorphism

This study was designed to detect the sequence variation of the chicken heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) gene. A total of 102 individuals from 8 native Chinese breeds together with Dwarf White Chicken and Red Junglefowl were used to detect sequence variations. The coding regions of the chicken HSP70 gene from 102 individuals were cloned and sequenced. Thirty-six variations ... more

J.K. Gan; L.Y. Jiang; L.N. Kong; X.Q. Zhang; Q.B. Luo