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Dear Editor, In answer to the questioning of the terminology we used in our manuscript (Chen et al., 2014), ASP is a 76-amino acid (8932 Da) fragment, which is identical to C3adesArg, a cleavage product of complement C3. Cleavage of complement C3 is mediated via the alter­nate complement pathway by the interaction of C3, factor B and adipsin (Factor D, a serine protease enzyme), which ... more

Y. Chen; Y.T. Ma

Dear Editor, As a scientist who works on obesity and immunity, especially the complement system, I read the paper titled "Relationship between the acylation-stimulating protein gene and coro­nary heart disease in the Xinjiang Uygur and Han populations of China" published in Genetics and Molecular Research 13 (2): 2638-2644 (2014). I was surprised when I read about the "acylation- ... more

A. Fisette

Dear Editor, Luo et al. (2014) reported that the combination of atorvastatin plus ezetimibe de­creased carotid intima media thickness (cIMT) significantly more than atorvastatin mono­therapy. We would like to add a few comments. The ENHANCE trial (Kastelein et al., 2008) did not compare the effect of atorvastatin plus ezetimibe versus atorvastatin monotherapy on cIMT, as mentioned by Luo ... more

K.I. Paraskevas; D.P. Mikhailidis; A.D. Giannoukas

The article “Absolute quantification of free tumor cells in the peripheral blood of gastric cancer patients” by N. Bayat, M.M. Mokhtari, M. Rezaei-Tavirani, A. Baradaran-Rafii, S. Rahman Zadeh, S. Heidari-Keshel and F. Ghasemvand published in Genetics and Molecular Research vol. 13 (2), pp. 4425-4432 in 2014, DOI: ... more

N. Bayat; M.M. Mokhtari; M. Rezaei-Tavirani; A. Baradaran-rafii; R. Zadeh; S. Heidari-Keshel; F. Ghasemvand

The article “ZNF797 plays an oncogenic role in gastric cancer” by D. Momenzadeh, S. Rahman Zadeh, M. Rezaei-Tavirani, A. Baradaran-Rafii, F. Ghasemvand and S. Heidari-Keshel published in Genetics and Molecular Research vol. 13 (4), pp. 8421-8427 in 2014, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10. ... more

D. Momenzadeh; R. Zadeh; M. Rezaei-Tavirani; A. Baradaran-rafii; F. Ghasemvand; S. Heidari-Keshel

Dear Editor, By way of introduction, I have been reviewing bacteriophage manuscripts for 40 years, I am a RefSeq Genome Advisor (phages) to NCBI, and the current chair of the Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses Subcommittee of the International Committee on Viruses Taxonomy. Therefore, I am very interested in accurate published descriptions of phages and their genomes. You recently published ... more

A.M. Kropinski

Dear Editor, We read the article ‘Correlation between single nucleotide polymorphisms in hypoxia-related genes and susceptibility to acute high-altitude pulmonary edema’ by Wu et al. with great interest (Wu et al., 2015). Authors have evaluated 1200 new recruits of Han origin and reported a correlation between six hypoxia-related gene expression and susceptibility to high altitude ... more

G. Sikri; S. Dua

In regard to the affiliation mistake that was made during our correspondence in our manuscript, we write this letter in order to correct it as per my PhD requirements and this is the Final decision as I have no other option. The correction is only in the affiliation and should be: T.N. Mahmoud1,2, P.F. Lin1, F.L. Chen1, J.H. Zhou1, X.G. Wang1 ... more

T.N. Mahmoud; P.F. Lin; F.L. Chen; J.H. Zhou; X.G. Wang; N. Wang; X. Li; Y.P. Jin; T.N. Mahmoud; P.F. Lin; F.L. Chen; J.H. Zhou; X.G. Wang; N. Wang; X. Li; Y.P. Jin; T.N. Mahmoud; P.F. Lin; F.L. Chen; J.H. Zhou; X.G. Wang; N. Wang; X. Li; Y.P. Jin

Dear Editor, I should thank to the questioner and these questions are very valuable. Here, I want to give some opinions for it. In letter, questioner mentions that the gag sequences we got are too homologous with chicken sequence, unlike other Galliformes birds. Actually, endogenous avian sarcoma and leukosis virus (enASLV) sequences are variable in the Galliformes birds, and geese have ... more

Y.P. Liu; Y.P. Liu; Y.P. Liu

Dear Editor, A recent paper in the GMR Journal (Zhu et al., 2015) reported the discovery of endogenous avian sarcoma and leukosis virus (enASLV) in the domestic goose (Anser anser domesticus) genome. The discovery was based on PCR detection of a single viral gene (gag). This would be a very surprising finding, as ASLV-related endogenous retroviruses have only been ... more

D. Elleder; J. Hejnar; D. Elleder; J. Hejnar; D. Elleder; J. Hejnar