The Original Genetics and Molecular Research by FUNPEC-RP


Dear Researcher:

A company named IMedPub (formerly Pulsus Group was involved), which is part of Longdom Publishing company, has attempted to appropriate our journal, Genetics and Molecular Research. IMedPub and Pulsus are subsidiaries of OMICS, a company that is well known for “publishing” hundreds of predatory journals. IMedPub uses a virtual address in London, to make researchers believe they are legitimate. Although we were able to recover our journal site, they have set up a parallel site with an .org address that illegally copies our journal, maintaining many of the original names and contact information in the editorial board section. They charge authors high fees for publishing in their sham site, many of which then contact us to complain. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for funds that are misappropriated by IMedPub or Pulsus.
Authors that publish with IMedPub or Pulsus in this pirate .org site should be aware that their papers do not go through peer review and consequently end up being put online with many errors that would have been corrected by the review process, our editorial staff, and proper language and technical editing. This is bad for science and for the authors, whose reputation becomes tarnished. Also, IMedPub assigns a false DOI identification number that does not function, and the papers are not indexed and are not likely to be cited. Some papers that they have put online on their site have functional DOI numbers, but they are publications entirely copied from the legitimate journal site, without permission from us or the authors.
Only submit your work on our website If you have any questions, please contact us at +55 16 3620-1251 or by email at [email protected].
Authors that have had problems with the pirate site are encouraged to contact us so that we can find ways to help them publish their papers legitimately.