Regulation of WNK4 gene transcription in the kidneys

Z. J. Sun, Li, Y., Li, Y. H., Zhang, J. S., Ding, Q., Li-Ling, J., Liang, Y., and Zhao, Y. Y., Regulation of WNK4 gene transcription in the kidneys, vol. 12, pp. 2332-2340, 2013.

With-no-lysine (K) kinase-4 (WNK4) is a newly cloned kinase-encoding gene that plays a crucial role in the maintenance of electrolyte homeostasis. Mutations of WNK4 can cause pseudohypoal­dosteronism type α, an autosomal dominant disease characterized by hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis and hypertension. We explored the expression and regulatory mechanism of WNK4 in the human kidneys, which is a key regulator of blood pressure. Expression of WNK4 was determined by RT-PCR.

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