trnL-F sequence

Phylogenetic analysis of Elymus (Poaceae) in western China

H. Song, Nan, Z. B., and Tian, P., Phylogenetic analysis of Elymus (Poaceae) in western China, vol. 14, pp. 12228-12239, 2015.

Elymus L. is often planted in temperate and subtropical regions as forage. Species in the genus have 5 allopolyploid genomes that are found in the grass tribe Triticeae. To determine the phylogenetic relationships in Elymus species from western China, we estimated phylogenetic trees using sequences from the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer and non-coding chloroplast DNA sequences from 56 accessions (871 samples) of 9 polyploid Elymus species and 42 accessions from GenBank.

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