POPREP: a generic report for population management

E. Groeneveld, Westhuizen, Bv.d., Maiwashe, A., Voordewind, F., and Ferraz, J. B. S., POPREP: a generic report for population management, vol. 8, pp. 1158-1178, 2009.

Genetic variation provides a basis upon which populations can be genetically improved. Management of animal genetic resources in order to minimize loss of genetic diversity both within and across breeds has recently received attention at different levels, e.g., breed, national and international levels. A major need for sustainable improvement and conservation programs is accurate estimates of population parameters, such as rate of inbreeding and effective population size. A software system (POPREP) is presented that automatically generates a typeset report.

A new set of bioinformatics tools for genome projects

L. G. P. Almeida, Paixão, R., Souza, R. C., da Costa, G. C., de Almeida, D. F., and de Vasconcelos, A. T. R., A new set of bioinformatics tools for genome projects, vol. 3, pp. 26-52, 2004.

A new tool called System for Automated Bacterial Integrated Annotation - SABIA (SABIÁ being a very well-known bird in Brazil) was developed for the assembly and annotation of bacterial genomes. This system performs automatic tasks of assembly analysis, ORFs identification/analysis, and extragenic region analyses. Genome assembly and contig automatic annotation data are also available in the same working environment.

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