Simple sequence repeat

Genetic divergence of common bean cultivars

J. S. Veloso, Silva, W., Pinheiro, L. R., Santos, J. Bdos, Fonseca, Jr., N. S., and Euzebio, M. P., Genetic divergence of common bean cultivars, vol. 14, pp. 11281-11291, 2015.

The aim of this study was to evaluate genetic divergence in the ‘Carioca’ (beige with brown stripes) common bean cultivar used by different institutions and in 16 other common bean cultivars used in the Rede Cooperativa de Pesquisa de Feijão (Cooperative Network of Common Bean Research), by using simple sequence repeats associated with agronomic traits that are highly distributed in the common bean genome. We evaluated 22 polymorphic loci using bulks containing DNA from 30 plants. There was genetic divergence among the Carioca cultivar provided by the institutions.

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