Principal component analysis

Analysis of genetic traits for drought tolerance in maize

R. W. Muhammad, Qayyum, A., Hamza, A., Ahmad, M. Q., Naseer, N. S., Liaqat, S., Ahmad, B., Malik, W., and Noor, E., Analysis of genetic traits for drought tolerance in maize, vol. 14, pp. 13545-13565, 2015.

Fifty-four genotypes of maize were crossed and evaluated in the field during the crop season in February 2012 under both normal and water stress conditions. To identify the major parameters responsible for variation among genotypes, single linkage cluster analysis and principle component analysis (PCA) were carried out. Thirteen characters were studied. The PCA showed that the first six components, with eigen values >1, contributed 82.30% of the variability among the genotypes under normal field irrigation conditions while other PCs (7-13) had eigen values less than 1.

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