Plant-growth promotion

Eucalyptus growth promotion by endophytic Bacillus spp

I. C. P. Paz, Santin, R. C. M., Guimarães, A. M., Rosa, O. P. P., Dias, A. C. F., Quecine, M. C., Azevedo, J. L., and Matsumura, A. T. S., Eucalyptus growth promotion by endophytic Bacillus spp, vol. 11, pp. 3711-3720, 2012.

Clonal eucalyptus plantings have increased in recent years; however, some clones with high production characteristics have vegetative propagation problems because of weak root and aerial development. Endophytic microorganisms live inside healthy plants without causing any damage to their hosts and can be beneficial, acting as plant growth promoters. We isolated endophytic bacteria from eucalyptus plants and evaluated their potential in plant growth promotion of clonal plantlets of Eucalyptus urophylla x E. grandis, known as the hybrid, E. urograndis.

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