Non-tumoral breast tissue

Proteomic analysis of non-tumoral breast tissue

G. G. Costa, Kaviski, R., Souza, L. E. R., Urban, C. A., Lima, R. S., Cavalli, I. J., and Ribeiro, E. M. S. F., Proteomic analysis of non-tumoral breast tissue, vol. 10, pp. 2430-2442, 2011.

Breast cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease. In spite of the advances made in recent decades, a better understanding of the intrinsic mechanisms of this disease is crucial. The development of new biomarkers is absolutely necessary to improve diagnosis and prognosis. Research using the proteomic approach has generated interesting results; however, the complexity of the mammary gland and of breast tumors remains a major limitation to the development of new markers. An initial step is to characterize non-tumoral human breast tissue.

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