Regulatory role of microRNA184 in osteosarcoma cells

G. R. Yin, Wang, Q., Zhang, X. B., and Wang, S. J., Regulatory role of microRNA184 in osteosarcoma cells, vol. 14, pp. 14246-14252, 2015.

Osteosarcoma is a highly malignant cancer that often appears in teenagers. It is the most frequently occurring primary bone tumor, and can easily metastasize, resulting in high mortality. MicroRNAs express abnormally in osteosarcoma, and may function as oncogenes or tumor suppressors. Recent studies showed that microRNA184 (miR-184) is abnormally expressed in multiple tumors, and is involved in tumor cell growth, differentiation, invasion, and metastasis. Nevertheless, the role of miR-184 in osteosarcoma cells remains unknown.

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