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Genetic affinities of central China populations

H. Y. Zhou, Wang, H. W., Tan, S. N., Chen, Y., Wang, W. L., Tao, H. X., Yin, Z. C., Zou, Y. H., Ouyang, S. M., and Ni, B., Genetic affinities of central China populations, vol. 13, pp. 616-625, 2014.

Hunan locates in the south-central part of China, to the south of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and south of Lake Dongting. According to the historical records, the peopling of Hunan by modern human ancestors can ascend to 40 thousand years ago. Thus, to trace the ancient maternal components can offer further insight into the origin of south-central China. In this study, we investigated the mitochondrial DNA of 114 individuals from Hunan Province (including 34 Han, 40 Tujia and 40 Miao).

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