Transport genes of Chromobacterium violaceum: an overview

T. Barbosa Grangeiro, Jorge, D. Macedo de, Bezerra, W. Melgaço, Vasconcelos, A. Tereza Rib, and Simpson, A. John Georg, Transport genes of Chromobacterium violaceum: an overview, vol. 3, pp. 117-133, 2004.

The complete genome sequence of the free-living bacterium Chromobacterium violaceum has been determined by a consortium of laboratories in Brazil. Almost 500 open reading frames (ORFs) coding for transport-related membrane proteins were identified in C. violaceum, which represents 11% of all genes found. The main class of transporter proteins is the primary active transporters (212 ORFs), followed by electrochemical potential-driven transporters (154 ORFs) and channels/pores (62 ORFs).

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