Research Article

Detection of Brucella abortus DNA in the reproductive tract of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) cows


Brucella spp. are the pathogens responsible for brucellosis, which is a cosmopolitan and serious disease for animals and humans. Recent studies have revealed the presence of Brucella DNA in the reproductive tract tissues of buffaloes based on microbiological cultures collected from vaginal swabs. We tested for Brucella abortus DNA in the uterus, perivaginal lymph nodes, and uterine mucus of buffalo cows naturally infected with Brucella spp., as defined by a positive complement fixation test. Uterine tissue, uterine mucus, and perivaginal lymph node samples from 16 Brucella seropositive female buffaloes were analyzed. Brucella DNA was found in five of the uterine tissue samples, eight of the perivaginal lymph node samples, and 14 of the uterine mucus samples. Furthermore, Bayesian inference analysis indicated that the DNA sequences obtained from these tissues and mucus grouped with corresponding sequences of the B. abortus species.