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Construction and transformation of expression vector containing Panax japonicus SS gene.

Published: January 23, 2017
Genet. Mol. Res. 16(1): gmr16019341 DOI:


Panax japonicus C.A. Meyer, a perennial herb belonging to the Araliaceae ginseng genus, is one of the seven rare and endangered Chinese medical herbs. By cloning the SS segment, the expression vectors pCXSN-PjSS and pCXSN-antiPjSS were constructed and introduced into Agrobactria LBA4404, which is used for engineering bacteria. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) showed that the PjSS, antiPjSS, and Hyg were integrated in Nicotiana tabacum. Reverse transcription-PCR indicated that the PjSS was transcribed into mRNA in N. tabacum and was highly expressed, while the antiPjSS was not expressed. Detection of Ginsenoside Re content showed that transgenetic N. tabacum can increase the content of Ginsenoside Re and that anti-transgenetic N. tabacum decreased the content of Ginsenoside Re.

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