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Arthroscopic suture repair of torn meniscus characteristics and results in a Vietnamese hospital

Published: March 29, 2021
Genet. Mol. Res. 20(1): GMR18743 DOI:


We evaluated the results of treatment of meniscus tear injury by arthroscopy to determine the influence of age, gender and cause of injury in patients undergoing endoscopic suturing. This was a prospective study conducted from 7/2006 to 7/2013. We followed 90 patients, from 17 to 50 years old attended at Thong Nhat hospital (Ho Chi Minh City). All of them were diagnosed with a torn meniscus and were treated with arthroscopic meniscus suturing by outside-in, inside-out and all inside techniques. Early results, including evaluating the side effects during surgery and after surgery and results after 6 months were collected. Among the 90 patients in our study, men accounted for 62%, almost two times higher than percentage of women. The main reason was due to sports injuries, accounting for 65%. The most common age was between 21 and 30 (46.7%). Results after surgery: 32/90 were very good, 52/90 (good, 4/90 medium, and 2/90 bad. The indication of suturing meniscus tear due to trauma gives superior results for knee function for patients, reducing long-term complications such as osteoarthritis.

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